No reply for sent emails. ( means fraud )

I had taken automobile job by paying Rs.8000/- as first part payment, and completed one job at the time of training some instructions were given to me how to enter the data ( but i was told not to enter anything in remarks column, only if required you have to mention in remarks column ) by one of their franchise Mr. Ravi. so i worked day night and completed the job and submitted, next when i went to Mr. ravi for enquiry of my job he told me that ur job is been rejected as u have not entered the remarks column, when i asked him i have done the work as u instructed but he refused that i had not told like that ( as given in bracket above), i said let it be, i want next job they told me to pay another Rs.6000/- so i paid they sent me job, but my badluck my faher was admitted in hospital for 2-3 months and then he expired and so i had to look after his retail business i was not able to continue the job and so i requested Mr. ravi telling my problem to please refund the 6000/-, as anyhow i had lost 8000/-, but he gave no response and asked me to contact Smita madam so i did i sent so many mails and sms to her but she has not replied to my mails nor to my sms.
Another thing they won’t give the details of mistake done then how we should keep faith on them that they are telling truth, let it be i don’t want anything to do with their job i just wan’t my money to be refunded as early as possible.

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