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Reported By: Norman Joseph Schofield

Contact information:
Norman Schofield Pune

I have ordered a
Fitness X watch through website … I find no customer care number or any contact details of seller … I got aware from friends that’s it’s fake product …. though it’s a COD .. sent through Bluedart .. I will not receive the product for I want to cancel


How to file a complaint against Norman Schofield?

* Go to page
* Write Norman Schofield in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Norman Schofield.

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  1. My name is saurav,bymisten my kid placed the order,I saw rating reviews.its fake product.i want to cancel it now.there is no cancellation order option available on website .my order number is #HM25687 .if u people delivered then I will not take.

  2. I saw the advt online and made a grave mistake of purchasing this watch taken in by all the features advertised and the attractive price. From day one the watch has been giving me problem, I am a senior citizen and found difficult to tget the watch charged, I did get online assistance and got the watch started but the main reason for buying the watch was to monitor my BP and Pulse whilst taking a watch. But I just couldnt activate this facility. I tried my level best to contact Mr.Rajveer but just couldnt get him. My worry is that my 30 days period of returning the watch has got over on 14 june. I am 70 years old. I hope someone from the company reads this complaint and gets in touch with me, My cell no. is 9821015037 and email id [email protected].

    1. My name is vispi mistry i am 70 years old. I read the advt for this watch on my cell as a popup, and got attracted to it. I have paid Rs, 2999/- COD thru Blue dart. I have been having problems from day one, initially on contacting the company, a mr Rajveer did help me out. to start the watch and charging the same but the main reason for my purchase was to monitor my BP and Pulse whilst walking which just didnt work I tried to contact Rajveer repeatedly thereafter but he just doesnt respond I wrote several mails to the company too. but no reply.
      I feel cheated and dont recommend anyone to buy this watch. hope some one from the company contacts me on
      reading this . My no. is 9821015037.