NSN Power Impex Pvt Ltd – settlement

Dear madam / sir,

I am jitendra arya, i was working with NSN Power Impex Pvt. Ltd. New Delhi, as an area sales manager. i joined the company as on dated 17/june/2013. after 3 months i leaved (resigned) the organisation as per company’s requirement. at the time of resign my senior said to me that we will consider your last working day till 17/september/2013. i was an employee till september last but i was agree for their this policy. but till now i did not get any settlement from their side. my settlement will include my salary, travelling expenses and mobile expenses. my amount was Rs. 73000/- approx but they told me that we will settle as per the company’s policy. till today i did not get any amount as a settlement. i am regularly following him but no-body is able to satisfy me. they cut my phone and not giving any reply.

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