Nykaa – Delivery of my order

Reported By: Riyashree

Contact information:
Nykaa kolkata

I had a nykaa order which was supposed to be delivered by logistics company wowexpress. But I am facing immense issues with the delivery service.

The delivery was supposed to be done by 11th August but it was not delivered and also no contact from the delivery person. On 13th august, I got a message that the order has been cancelled due to failed delivery. On tracking the package it was showing that the package had reached the destination hub but no one had picked it up for 3 days. After 3 days I tried to call and contacting the delivery people. After several trial the delivery person contacted me, demanding extra 100Rs for delivering the package (in spite of being a prepaid order) or else threatening to cancel the order. The delivery person started making excuses for not delivering the order stating that the destination is too far (the destination being in the heart of city-South Kolkata)

I did not expect this kind of service from the company. Till today I have not yet received the package and I am still trying to get my hands on the package, straying from one customer service to another.

I would just like my package to be delivered to my address.

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