oberoi_EPayKerala – State bank of India – Fradualent transaction for upgrading credit card limit

On 6 September 2014,in the name of State Bank Of India Credit Card, I have received telephone calls from +919266667019 suggesting me to upgrade my present card by providing my SBI card details and I was also asked to provide one time password that was received on my personal mobile number after that they told that they will send branded watch,glairs ,wallet and shoes.After a while I received message that my SBI account was debited by 6999/ and it was credited in the name of oberoi_EPayKerala.For the confirmation of transaction I have contacted SBI helpline and they have informed me my account has been debited with Rs.6999/- and we have no so such offer to the card holders. They have concluded that, it is a fraudulent transaction and the beneficiary of the transaction is Oberoi_ Epay Kerala. Now I Wish not to effect the transaction amount of Rs.6999/- for the credit of the said beneficiary and requested the same to SBI helpline also. I seek your help to get protection from this fraudulent transaction.kindly see to it that the complain lodged by me is looked after expeditiously.My SBI Card NO. is 4317575939063054

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  1. Yes, Oberoi_EpayKerala is a fraudulent company in the name of SBI card. Even I was frauded of Rs.6999/- Beware of these calls.