Oliva Clinic Hyderabad – My nightmare with a skin care centre Oliva in Hyderabad

I visited a leading skin care and cosmetic clinics in Hyderabad for treatment of a condition. They collected upfront an amount of 35000 rupees from me for 8 sittings (they refused to collect sitting wise). I was checked by a dermatologist who advised me tests. I agreed to get them done, but not immediately. These were costly tests and so I requested for time, for which she agreed.

On the third sitting I got a really really rude dermatologist who began the meeting shouting at me. I requested her very politely to check what my original doctor had noted down. But she was very angry (later the technician explained that is the way she deals with all her patients). She prescribed me hormone pills, which I refused to take without a consultation from my gynaecologist. She forced me to sign a paper that the institute was not responsible for my outcome. I was never treated in such a degrading way in my life.

I have now got all the tests done and they are normal. I also consulted a gynaecologist who absolutely forbade me to take the hormones which the dermatologist had prescribed.

In India, we consider doctors as faultless fountains of knowledge. However due to a lack of feedback system from patients, some of them don’t even try to be civil to the patients. They don’t want the patients questioning their treatment in any way, although it might happen to be wrong. And the worse thing is because patient is in a powerless situation at that time, due to this imbalanced power dynamics, the end result is BULLYING.

I am ready to go back to this clinic again with my result. And I am going to request for a different doctor. I m so affected that from now I want to record all the conversations I have with my doctor. If the clinic denies me the service and refuses to refund me, I am going to approach the Consumer court in Hyderabad.

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