Omam Consultants Services Pvt. Ltd cheaters

HI Am Sneha am Ex Employee in Omam Consultant Services Pvt Ltd i was worked on the period 2011 march to 2012 August my salary was 15000 Per month.The Company no deduction only TDS. The TDS Amount was 10% From CTC.Its RS.1500 Per month.My Duration Period March 2011- August 2012.Total 17 Months Work Experience. 17*15000= Total Amount 25, 500.I apply for My TDS Amount on October 2012.I Submit all the Documents and my Bank Account No, PanCard Copy.The Concern Person Harinath Babu He was Account of that Company. Now is Working As HR Manager.He not giving Proper Information and he Talking Ruderly.the Company Cheating me.thay woun’d give any salary Slip. The Company 17 years Old Company they are great cheater.

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  1. Harinath Babu and Bahadur are the biggest cheaters and fraud people running a fraud and cheating business.

    They just want to eat up employee salaires and practice ethics like delayed salaries, salaries on hold, last one or two months salry eating among themselves.

    Beware and spread words.