Omdeo Packers & Movers Pvt Ltd – Cheating and Frauding

I had booked my car and household goods separately for ranchi to hyd. The amt was paid in full for packing, unloading, and unpacking, but when the car reached it was delivered only on pmt of another 600 rs. to a pvt guy as their driver didn`t turn up. The household goods were loaded on 30th July, supposed to reach on 5th, but reached on 11th. and these guys were totally unresponsive, dont take yr calls once they get the pmt etc. We kept calling them up fr 6th, but mayank mishra, the guy who took the contract at Ranchi with a million promises just went incommunicado, nor did his bosses at the east zone respond. Turned out the driver had offloaded our good (truckfull) and taken another load for a couple of days and reloaded our stuff—breakables, glass, computers etc at the bottom and furniture at the top! my damage is to the tune of almost 45000/- valuable paintings which cannot be replaced, my wardrobes smashed, 1 computer beyond repair, steel trunks out of shape and the clothes in the trunk, dripping wet, carton missing and these *** tuck tail and run at the first hint of crisis and ur left running back and forth for your luggage. Though we had paid for the unload and unpack, we paid another 3500 to get it unloaded by a pvt party as the Omdeo *** were missing when our truck landed

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