Online Mall (Infosys Company) number 89013 99600 – Infosys Online Mall work from home Fraud Complaint

Reported By: Criselda Espleia Mascarenhas

Contact information:
Online Mall (Infosys Company) number 89013 99600 Banglore

I came across this online site yesterday…At first i was asked to transfer an amount of just Rs 100 after a while i received Rs240 in return….after this he sent a plan as asked to choose starting from 500 …so i went ahead and made the transfer of the same and receive 640 back …later i went for a plan of 1000 which gave me 8 tasks to complete which includes paying for stuff that is upto Rs 2,00,000 they keep asking to make transfers on various UPI attached are some UPI That i made payment on Govindj2@mahb , kotakshivay123@centralbank , sala1021@axisbank and ballusewa@indus and following is the contact person who refers this jobs +91 89013 99600 also one person coordinates from Telegram App this is the link of this telegram contact ……even after i completed all 8 tasks worth Rs 1,00,000 they are now asking me for another 18,000 to withdraw my money Please help ..I did this only in Hopes of getting some amount for my treatment as i am a Cancer patient….i would really appreciate if someone could step forward and help me out in this Matter to Atleast recover half my Amount…I beg the authority responsible for such cases to help me out with the same . People please beware of such things as i would not want anyone else falling in such trouble as me …I literally feel like giving my life up as these were my entire life savings.

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