– FAKE product delivered.

I had ordered BRANDED COMBO OF 3 PURE LINEN SHIRTS from OnlineClues on May 9th,2016, and received a delivery of the same which is a fake product, that by no means resembles the product that was shown in display images on their website.
A small change in product quality can be considered, as it can be understood that I’m witnessing and placing an order online, but a total change of product quality as well as color is no lesser than cheating customers who orders items trusting the e-retailers.
I had launched a complaint on their support email but they didn’t feel like responding as they know they are guilty.
There are a thousands like me who felt victim alike me, which I’ve come to know post delivery of my order.
I would request the authority to ban this fake website and take action against their services immediately and help to preserve customers integrity.

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  1. This is my OID212309. ,I sent so many mail .. To change the size of the shirt to ‘ L”. They never respond. And still they will say in their website like above post. Its so fuckng hard to contact them..what’s this…..let’s see if I happen to get my order… I won’t pay it..unless I see the stuff…. Tats my choice…or don’t send me ….after reading all the complain, there is one thing in common tats is….misplace items…let’s see…how it works….

  2. Customer care onlineclues

    Dear Pritam,We request you to share your order id or complaint number to help you out in best possible way. Kindly drop us an email on [email protected] with these details so that we may assist you with this issue.