OnlineDataEntryJob – Fake Registration – Need Refund

Reported By: Sharmela

Contact information:
OnlineDataEntryJob chennai

I have paid the Registration fees of Rs.350. Fake Registration. I have not received any response from them.
I would like to get Refund.
Rs 350 paid to workdata@upi Mr Kumar Aditya Singh on 4 May 2020, 12:23 pm.
Transaction Id – 012512086733

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  1. Gangadhar . Kalva

    Yes here i too paid RS. 350 TO MR. KUMAR ADITYA SINGH UPID ID : workdata@upi and my Reference No. is 013989081849. But there after Registration and paid the amount i did not got any mail and response from them i email to support from the website given option and i got reply with the same registration details as username and password When i login its directly connecting to the registration site again.

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