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We want to inform everybody that they should beware of the online shopping company OrderYourChoice.com. My wife recently placed two online orders with this site for purchasing K C Das Rasgullas (canned 10 pieces + diabetic 10 pieces) worth Rs.478.00 each on October 30, 2013. However, they delivered only one plastic container in an open bag, containing 10 pieces rasgullas of an inferior quality of a different local company called ‘Saurashtra’ and then too the container was all leaking and sticky. We tried contacting the company but nobody answered the phone and their courier delivery guys would not give us any further contact information as to the person who had handed them the bag. We did not eat the rasgullas as we were not sure of its quality and threw them out.

Please find attached the two receipts of these orders.

Thanking you,

Best regards,
Abhijit Chakraborty

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  1. Dear Customer,
    Thank you for taking the time to tell us why our service failed to meet your expectations.
    We value your business, and would like to address your concerns. We understand your frustration, and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience we have caused you.

    First Order 14956
    Canned Rosagolla – KC Das
    We already informed to the customer that Canned Rosagolla from KC Das cannot be couriered as it is a restricted in the courier. Hence it has been delivered from branded shop within Ahmedabad. The customer have not informed about the quality either through phone email for our action. As we came across the complaint through this site, we are providing the below option and request the customer confirm the same.
    Coustomer can contact us for better solution

    Second Order 14957
    The diabetic Rosogolla too cannot be couriered and same has been intimated through email several time and contacted the customer. There is no response, hence the amount has been refunded 100%. (Refund screen shot attached)

    We always intended to satisfy the customer to the maximum and only reason for such complaint is that the it has not been communicated to us.

  2. Dear All,

    This indeed is a fraud company. I ordered cake and flowers and a custom mug online to be delivered and got the confirmation email that it will be delivered on the mentioned date with the exceptin of the mug. The order was never delivered and the customer service number that they have provided keeps ringing with no one answering. It was my fathers 60th birthday and he spent the entire day trying to ring customer service without success.

    Please DO NOT EVER PLACE AN ORDER through this website if you want to avoid disappointment and stress.