Osiyan Communication (Mobile) – Osiyan Communication (Mobile) cheater and fraud

Dear Friend,

1.They hire people and do not provide exact salary, they promised by giving excuse came late, went early.

2.They hire employs for one profile pay one person salary but you have to work for 3 to 4 person work. without Over time(OT)

3.At the time of joining they give you offer latter with no condition but after join after you left old company they force you to sign Contract with company.

4.Company with full of politics no place for person like to work and earn.

5.If company likes to fire someone from job they do it in 1 day.

6.If you like to leave, administration like to know joining date, new company name and start delay your reliving, experience latter.

7. They offer you salary hike, if you stay with company they fire you after 2 to 3 month later at that time you are not having any job offer.

8.If you go for client site you are promised by company they pay you traveling and other expenses. But company
pays only those having some relation with directors or friend.

Thanks and regard

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