Owner of Shell gas station at 48 Main Street Blanco, Tx 78606 – Refusal to accept gad card at pump, store cancelled transaction

Went to Shell gas station at 48 Main Street in Blanco Tx on 1-6-2016.. I tried to use my gas card at pump and it was cancelled at the pump. I tried 2 other times and the same thing happened. I went inside to find out what the problem was and the manager said that the owner of store said I was not allowed in the store. She said the owner said that this is a pirate business and I was not allowed in the store. On 2 other occasions I had complained to the corporate office of Shell that this station was; 1. Always out of gas for weeks at a time. 2. All summer long either the pumps were not working or their pump computers were not working. 3. Stated I needed to charge $20.00 before I could even pump gas. I refused to do this. The manager said that she has called and called the owner about not having gas and not getting pumps fixed. When I mentioned that maybe the corporate office could make the owner fix these problems, she said she wished I would call. And I did call and file a complaint. She also said the owner lives in San Antonio Texas and that he was either Iraq or Iranian. She said he never comes by to see how things are and as if he doesn’t care about the employees or the store. I would like to know how this owner found out that I was the one who complained and can the owner refuse to sell me gas from the pump using my Shell gas card? Also, is there anything that the Shell Corporation can do about this since this store is selling their product? I have been a loyal card holder for over 19 years, does that count for anything. I guess there are other gas companies that I could patronize.

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