P J Homes – Fraud and cheating, Cheque dishonor

I booked a villa in a project of PJ Homes , having its office now at devashree plaza, ulloor, thiruvananthapuram earlier having their office at palayam airport road, vanchiyoor pattoor road, trivandrum. As a booking amount we paid Rs 7,00,000/- to Mr. John P J the owner of P J Homes in November 2012. Till May 2013 there was no progress in the project. In May 2013 he confessed that he is unable to proceed with the project and shall refund the amount in full with interest and issued two posted cheques. Both cheques were dishonored with the memo “Funds Insufficient”.
After repeatedly trying to contact Mr John PJ, he refuses to pick up the call when he sees my number and is not at all responding. It has been a year since I paid Seven Lakhs and there has been no response from PJ homes and its owner PJ John. Whenever I try to contact his office , his assistants inform me he is not available which is definitely a planned cheating move from Mr John PJ and his employees. He has not repaid a single rupee and is now in hiding.

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