Padmanchal Group – duped by the same people

I have also been duped by the same people namely tirth sharma, neelesh pandey who are supposedly the directors of this fraud company. Some information which I would like to share
Registered residential address of nilesh pandey remains vacant and he is absconding . Registration no. 03164836
Tirth sharma resides in the registered res add in greater noida reg no. 03201883
Sabihuddin siddique another director reg res add at ballimaran Delhi also absconding. Reg no. 03430469
D villas marked land which was shown to me is a farm land under land use
Bhowali project is not their project. They were only underwriters
Till sometime ago on their website a person was listed under contact as ms shruti

I am also in possession of all the mails welcome letter demand letters receipts and intend to take legal course of action.
You and other interested people are requested to kindly contact me on [email protected]



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