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Reported By: JudyGodlieb

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Parcel2go have lost 2 of my boxes that were sent in August. The sender filed a claim and since then Parcel2go has been sending incorrect numbers for tracking sending fake numbers and lying. They have blocked me from their fb page so I cannot send any enquiries through messenger either. This is a rip off and I have lost a lot .

The items I had bought we’re for a wedding and never arrived as yet. What I cannot understand is how so many people in the world are complaining about this company and yet it has. It been brought to the attention of the relevant authorities. They are such frauds and need to be exposed and they should be jailed for all they have been doing for many years. They are a bunch of rogues that are executing organized crime and ribbing people of their money and packages. Don’t use them..they are fakes

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