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Reported By: BhumikaNP

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Park Royal Holidays

(11522) Member ID Patel, Nirav
Once you purchase a membership with the company, they won’t give you bookings or pay attention to you. They have extended an invitation to me to attend the event. I purchased a 10-year membership, and Park Royal Holiday Pvt. Ltd. cheated me. This business commits fraud. They offer membership under the guise of an EMI and have their credit cards swiped in advance of all payments; however, when it comes time to make a reservation, nobody answers the phone.

I tried to make a reservation by calling Mr. Dip Sangani, who sold me a membership, but he was not available. That I have all the call, video, and mail records is a good thing. After numerous follow-ups and cancellations, we encounter numerous problems with our family once we arrive in Dubai. Do not waste your hard-earned money on these food vouchers because they are not given at the time of need after being purchased in packages.

They will give you huge promises, but when it comes time to make a reservation, they will tell you that you need to do so at least 20 to 30 days before the date you have in mind. If you give them that much time—30 to 40 days—they will claim that the hotel lists won’t be available until that date, which they will then blame on you for various reasons.

Additionally, if you claim that your selling boy said this, they will say, “Okay, I’ll set up a call for you,” but you’ll never get a call, and they’ll keep blaming you for various reasons.
I need my membership fee returned as soon as possible.


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