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Reported By: Saroj Mukherjee

Contact information: Surat, Gujarat, India

Hii, on certain day one call is Called from Parkwaycompany for joining in Data-Entry work without issuing Appointment Letter & with terrible condition of Work! I have had already forwarded Complaint against Parkwaycompany, Surat, Gujarat, India in front of Consumer Forum, Delhi. Also, there are many Complainants against from different Side of the Country as Evidence of Proof! Contact/Whatsapp+91 9123053455. West Bengal.India.


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* Go to page
* Write in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
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  1. Submit complaint at local cyber cell immediately. DO NOT PAY ANY FEES TO REAL WORLD LAWYER OR POLICE. When email from district court gujraat comes to you tell them you are her mom or sister and the person who you are looking for had ran away to pakistan. At same time tell them money is withing court custody so as if you are already paid all money and there is another case going on in high court or supreme court and that case is registered before thier case. You do not tell them which court another case is going on. When asked for proof about another case going on tell them thier case details are also not showing online. When their lawyer calls or sms first of all do not entertain them but he is calling too many times then you ask from him details like his law degree his advocate licence details aadhar card etc . Also tell him money is already paid to court and tell him to collect money from court mean while you continue to act like mom or sister. Also tell him that person is ran away to pakistan and now you are having her phone and email access. Also tell him that you have court order and receipt of money paid. Let him guess which court and if he wants to look at it tell him first to withdraw all cases from Gujarat district courts and make agreement with you .. If parkway company calls you or sms you do not entertain their calls or sms as if you are sister or mom. If too many calls tell them there is another case is going on in the court which court let them guess. Tell them you already paid them money to court but since your lawyers and company owners did not attend case money is return back to you with interest and tell them there is another hearing date in future. Tell them the lawyer hired by them is cheating with parkway company since you already paid 10 times money to court. And like that you continue as if they have to proove in the court damage worth they are claiming has really happen. Tarikh pe tarikh tarikh pe tarikh. DO NOT PAY ANY MONEY TO PARKWAY COMPANY OR HIS LAWYERS OR ENTERTAIN THEIR CALLS OR SMS. IF THEY SEND POLICE TO YOU SAY THAT YOU HAVE RECEIPT AND ORDER COPY FROM COURT IF THEY SEND LEGAL NOTICE TO YOU THROUGH EMAIL OR AT YOUR ADRESS TELL THEM YOU HAVE NOT RECEIVED IT.

  2. Anisa Shikalgar

    Please help me, I registered in parkway for typing job but later found that it was a fraud company, now they have send me a mail to pay compensation and there advocate is harassing me and told that he will drag me to the court plz help me

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