Parkwaycorporation – Fraud

Reported By: Saloni

Contact information:
Parkwaycorporation Gujarat, Ahemdabad

I was working with this company as they said they will pay Rs3000. But instead when i stared working with them they blocked my account saying that i did multiple login but forgot to log out. And asked me to pay Rs7800 i was ready to pay but my friend warned me that this is fake and i didn’t pay the repairing charges as i was not at fault. After that today i got a call from their lawyer and he asked me to pay Rs15000 in order to not file a case against me and as a student i cannot afford to pay. The time was up and i received another email which said that i had to pay Rs35750 in order to avoid legal issues. I was scared because the lawyer clearly said that if i don’t pay then they will file FIR against me and somehow i managed to pay Rs2000. Then the lawyer kept calling me and kept reminding me to pay the rest of the amount. After that my friend knew a lawyer and she said that he’s taking money because this is a scam and to not pay money any further. I didn’t pay but then the lawyer sent me another mail where the amount i was liable to pay according to them was Rs245000. I just want help with this matter. Because the lawyer keeps threatening me that they will put me behind the bars for 10 to 12 years. This kind of stuff is difficult. And puts a person into depression because they target innocent people.


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* Go to page
* Write Parkwaycorporation in company name section and write your complaint in detail
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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Parkwaycorporation.

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