Parle Agro Private Limited – “Your magical chance to meet SRK”


I had recently (15th Sept 13) purchased Frooti Mango Drink only looking at the AD “Your magical chance to meet SRK” on pouch with Mfg Date: 31/08/13 and Lot No: HYD H006 and HYD H012.

As I said,I purchased these packs only to participate in contest and try my luck, assuming contest is open and since pack is manufacutered on latest date…and as there was no contest end details printed on the pack.

As indicated on pouch, have checked terms and conditions afterwards on the website and was surprise to see that contest end date was on August 10, 2013.

If contest ends on 10th Aug, why did PARLEAGRO printed the SRK contest details for Drink manufactured on 31st Aug?

Why the hell they are cheating customers to buy products and participate in contest which has already Ended. Looks this is one way of increasing the sales.

Same has been highlighted to PARLEAGRO team member Umang from consumer complaints-02267348306 over phone on 19th Sept and in spite of he following up with me, I followed up with him regularly to check the status and finally I got in touch with Marketing team and on their request, I sent mail to on 27th Sept, 2013 and after regular follow up, I was reverted only by email on 03rd Oct 2013, stating the reason that as per the terms and conditions in their website which is down in the list as point no. 5 clearly mentions,

5. **At a given point in time there can be multiple skus of Frooti with and without contest details too. The packs with contest details can be available in the market after August 10th, 2013 as well. However, the contest is valid only till August 10th, 2013.*

Now, finally PARLEAGRO has taken 15days to answer… when PARLEAGRO know the terms and conditions very well, why dint they replied back on same day when I called up Mr.Umesh and sent mail to…it clearly indicates the communication gap within PARLEAGRO internal teams…When the company itself has taken so many days, how can they expect their customer to know the contest end details while purchasing the product at shop instantly.

I want right answer from PARLEAGRO, how can they imagine a customer going for first time to purchase their product and read terms and conditions there itself in the shop…they should have mentioned on pack that contest closes on 10th Aug, 2013.

PARLE AGRO is cheating customers by printing contest details on pack and not mentioning the closing date…

I agree with terms and conditions…but how foolish they can expect one to read the contest end details from website instantly while purchasing the product.

By this we can conclude, they are indirectly increasing their sales by printing an TOP CELEBRITY PHOTO on their packs and easily making money.

I want justice in this matter and take up the issue seriously with legal experts.

Thanks & Regards,

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