Paytm & Coolwinks – Cashback not received

Reported By: Jyotimonga

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Paytm & Coolwinks

Respected sir,
With due respect here I want to inform you about the harrashment given to us by Paytm and Coolwinks by playing Blame Games on each other and giving pains to us. They must be Heavily charged for this, so that they must not do this in future with any other customer.
Matter.. We placed an order for Coolwinks sunglasses under scheme 100% cashback on 28/4/19.and paid thru Paytm. Our order id CW2804194803366A and invoice no. CWI1295163 and Paytm Vallet Transection ID 24235540106. On order, all the terms and conditions were clear. Order bill was 1513/- rs and there was written that your effective price is 13rs.and rs.1500/- will be cash back in max. 96 hours. We paid thru Paytm. We got product on 2/5/19 thru courier. And after 96 hours of waiting for cashback we contacted to Paytm for cashback. They entered our complaint and told us to wait for next 48 hours. From that day we are daily contacting Paytm and Coolwinks. Both are daily blaming on each other And We Have All Recordings Till Date. Till time we have not received any intimation from them. They are daily giving us new Reference no.
Till Yesterday evening Coolwinks was also blaming on Paytm that they are saying you are not eligible for cashback. Coolwinks also send us first mail y’day 12/5/19 saying that Paytm is saying you are not eligible. We have this mail. Then after that we talked toPaytm yesterday evening. They said that we didn’t send any mail of this type and told us to send the mail. We send the mail from Coolwinks to Paytm yesterday evening as 3 snapshots.
We don’t know what will happen now. They told us to wait.
Even we are paid cashback then too is it right that customer is fighting from 10 days for cashback by daily calling them 30 and depressed whole day. Both the cos must not be spared this way. They must be heavily charged app. Rs.10 lacs as harrashment charges to irritate and giving pains to ignorant customers.
Thanks and regards,
Jyoti Parkash Monga

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