PDD-GRAB – Refund didn’t Release

Reported By: Julie Ann Salem

Contact information:
PDD-GRAB Calapan City

I started working as part-time with them 11/9/22. They asked money as I recharge. At first they sent refund,750 pesos. I upgraded my level to VIP4, which they asked a large amount of money just to complete the task. I completed the task and spent more than 100,000. They asked me to do another order so they can process the refund as I completed the earlier task too long, so I have to Grab one LAST order they said. I asked TINA ,the mentor if after that I can get my money. She said YES many times. After that, they said my money was sent to the platform but I have to pay first 6% of my PERSONAL INCOME TAX, worth almost 50k and it can’t be deducted to the money they sent from refund. I DON’T HAVE MONEY AT ALL. That’s all I have.My Dad’s money was used too, and that’s for his medication today. I really need to get my money back. PLEASE HELP!

How to file a complaint against PDD-GRAB?

* Go to page
* Write PDD-GRAB in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from PDD-GRAB.

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  1. Jenerie Cabungcal

    I want to refund my money 😭because I don’t. Have a money to recharge . I really need to get may money back because may mother need to buy medicine for cancer pleas help me to refund may money😭