– is Cheater

I ordered an Electric Iron from Pepperfry after comparing the rates from other websites.I had never earlier used but since they were giving a deal with the cheapest price for same product as compared to other websites.

Before the delivery date of the order, I got a mail from pepperfry that the order has been cancelled and a refund is processed.I was disappointed because I was expecting the product and did not buy it locally.anyways I somehow was OK.but to my surprise the order got delivered next day to my place.

I was quite amused, but when I opened the packing, the product turned out to be defective and non-working. I immediately wrote them an email that its faulty product . they asked me to use Refund Link from their website.but it was not working(they may be doing it intentionally) . when I wrote to them with all details.they first asked a picture of non working product.I sent them the pic. next I did not got any response for over 4-5 days.I was furious .sent them email again.No reply.

Finally I called their Customer Care.that guy put m eon hold for more than 10 minutes and di not bother to reply.I disconnected the phone and called again.

This time that stupid did not pick the call and some other lady answered.when I explained my problem.she put m eon hold for about 4-5 minutes for checking the status.then finally told that Refund has been processed and it may take 7-8 working days.but since I did not got it yet.she checked again and said they will have to do it now and it will take next 7-8 days. I somehow managed to keep my tongue on hold.and said OK.

But today I got an email from them saying that they have processed the refund.and if I say that its not received.they asked me to send a Bank statement of my account.

They are themselves such a cheaters and have no trust on customers.and they have no system to track the payment is don or Not.they are so stupid that nobody knows whats happening.

Please be aware that they may be bigger frauds to get your Bank Details and then rob your bank.

Do not fall prey to their cheap prices, they are here for cheating and taking people’s money.when I searched on Google about Pepperfry complaint.I came to know that I am not alone.they are in a Cheating Business and many have been cheated.


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