Perfect In Pg Located In Velacherry, Chennai

The owner treats everyone so badly Complaint, Chennai, Velachery:-

I am staying near the main road. The previous complaint was about the same owner who has pg in AKS garden.She has a board in the front saying 24 hours tv, refrigerator, washing machine, water, etc. The food quality is so worst and a week back, a girl complained about some insect in the food. The owner said do not give such complaints, if you want just vacate, do not show off. She was very upset and she vacated the next day. She said washing machine can be used all days and now she is restricting to only weekends. She kept a washing machine in First floor as it was not working, she was not even ready to replace it. TV has timings, that too only from 8 pm to 10 pm but the board says 24 hrs tv facility. I don’t know why she is not even ready to switch on the motor. She wants to reduce electric charges. She doesn’t replace any fused bulbs, everything has rules. She doesn’t even allow us to switch on the balcony light. Else she notices from her house and orders servants to switch off. Even when people are out, they don’t even mind about it and they switch it off carelessly. No proper respect to the residents in pg. Do not ever come here. I am looking for a good place and wanted to leave from here asap. She doesn’t allow anyone to complaint about the pg else she asks to vacate. They say they provide non veg food and even a dog will eat more than that. They do not prepare proper food for anyone and they say its late you should have come earlier. We pay 5500 with food and everything is a waste. She is very very irritating and insults us when we talk. Recently a guy came into our pg and she did not even bother about it as her pg reputation would go off. She gives money to police to solve any hostel problems. I kindly ask you to please check with this hostel asap. I will be happy if in future, residents should not be affected the same way as us. Is she running a hostel or what? She has several branches of pg in chennai. I do not recommend you to join anywhere. She is least bothered about residents facilities. We needed pg with washing machine and now we are getting stuck on what to do. Even in ac rooms, she gives timing to turn on the ac. If you need 24 hours pg, she says you need to pay the electric bill. I have seen many ac pg’s charging 4500 with food and there, ac runs 24 hours. She keeps new rules else she complains about us to hostel residents. She blamed a girl that she ran out of her home and she should vacate within 3 days. Later I came to know that she has given complaint about food quality that insects were there in food. Please if anyone sees this and if you can take necessary action, please go for it. You can ask all the residents staying inside the hostel personally and you will be left with hell lot of complaints. I am spending time in writing this as I am one of the affected persons. I will be vacating soon and please do not visit this pg for any reason. There were also complaints that a man entered this pg and stole valuable things from hostel, our girls complained to police but she solved the case by bribing the police. These things should definitely be taken care of. Thanks for reading this.

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