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Posted On: 20/09/2016
Reported By: Armani

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Earlier also i have raised the complaint for getting my money back, which I have paid through bank in the name of, who is providing jobs in the gulf.
First, Amit Varma had a talk with me for registration my name with their company for getting a job in the gulf. I got is phone call on my cell in the month of May 2016 & he was regularly follow up with me for enroll my name with his company. That time I was ignored the same. But, again & again he called me.
When I was not showing my interest, then he has transferred my cal to his senior, Ravi Varma & he was trying to convenience me for registration. I got the phone call from 08744083242.
Lastly I have registered my name with their company in the same month. He informed me the procedure of registration. According to him I have paid INR 8705/- FOR RESUME WRITING. Second day again I got a phone call from him through the same number & told me that I need to pay INR 9000/- more for visa fees. This money also I have paid through bank debit card.
Ravi Varma committed / promised me that I will get the phone cal after two day’s from him for updates. But, I have not received any call from him. Hence I personally phoned him in the next week to understand that why he has not phoned me. But, interesting thing that he has not picked up my phone. I was trying him at-least five times. Hence, any Vivek picked up my phone & he informed that Ravi Varma is in meeting & i will ask him to call you back. But he wont call me.
After few day’s, I got a phone call from the same number & understood that Ravi Varma call me. He informed me that my cv is updated by his team & for further process I need to pay INR 6500/- for getting the job fast. So again I have paid the said amount. So I have paid total INR 25000/-.
Once I have paid this amount to them, then I have not received any phone call or message from them. I was anxiously waiting for their phone call. But.?
So in the month of mid June 2016 i made a phone. But I have not received any response from them. I keep calling to them. But wont get any response from them.
One day, I have phoned them, then i understood that their phone is switched off out out of coverage area. So I have checked their website I saw that there were five to six complaints registered against this company for fraud. I also registered my complain for getting my money back twice, in the month of August 2016. But still I have not received my money, which I have paid to them.
This is my humble request you to please look into the matter seriously & help me out for my getting money back. Also please take the serious action against this fraud company.

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