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Reported By: Raghav02

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Chennai, Tamil Nadu

I ordered a research paper for one of my research modules, earlier they guaranteed me that they will be provinding full technical support till my paper gets accepted in Scopus journal… They charged me 75000 rupees and the code that they provided was producing results that has already been fabricated by them, when i raised this thing with them they did not reply first then after repeated emails they replied and gave some vague excuses… They modified the code by putting in some irrelevant files and when i raised the objection again they said this is company policy and gave all the lame excuses… Then i told them to carry on the paper work and this time dont put fabricated results and mend the code… then when they send me the research paper it was full of grammatical errors, i told them to rectify the paper to which their response was this you have to do on ur own…Then i submitted the paper aftre removing all the grammatical errors to one of the journals they suggested… after waiting for 5 months i got reviews from the journal editor… i forwarded the reviews to them, which they did not address. then i resubmitted the paper and yesterday i got a mail from the journal that my paper was rejected and they have given a disgusting report related to the paper work which i am attaching as an evidence… i paid them 75000 rupees for this crap… so please help me in getting that money back

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