Pluto Tours – offered package not given during my Nainital trip.

Reported By: ajaysh81

Contact information:
Pluto Tours
Head office So-Shreil Villa Near East End Hotel NH=22 Bye= Pass Panthaghati Shimla 171009, GST NO: 02AAJCP8894K1ZR, PAN NO : AAJCP8894K

I chose Pluto Tour to organize my trip to Nainital from May 19 to May 21 with a lot of hope. I was very clear in stating that I only wanted the Lakeside Inn, and that if you could make reservations, that would be great. All communication with Akshita took place over the phone, and she asked me to speak with Pankaj Samyal, the company’s MD (which turned out to be a lie, as I later discovered). Pankaj stated that the same hotel will be reserved and that the package will cost Rs. 37,000. Akshita requested an advance payment and assured me that the same hotel would be reserved.

I gave Pluto Tours an advance payment of Rs. 14095 on April 30, 2023, in order to reserve a room at the Lakeside Inn, a 3-star hotel, with breakfast. I was excited for my upcoming trip with my family, but I had no idea that Pluto Tour was a swindling business that would ruin my entire vacation.

Recently, Akshita set up a WhatsApp group for communication and informed me that they had reserved a room at the Happy Homes hotel. I expressed my surprise and said that although I had paid on April 30 and it had been confirmed for the three-star Lake Side Inn, I had only received a two-star hotel. I requested that they postpone the trip and issue a full refund.

In 37K package you are giving me 2 start hotel which is not acceptable at all. Akshita told even if I cancel my trip they will not return me any money.
I was so sad and tensed. My planned leave, family holiday, everything including Rs. 14095 were going to waste. I opened the website and call GM – Anil – [protected]. He told he will talk and get back to me. After some time I receive a call from Luvinsh – [protected]. He told that we can only offer 2 star hotel only and you go ahead and observe. If you face any issue at the hotel, we will immediately change the hotel. I told how you can confirm that, why can’t you give now better hotel? He told you record my voice and I assure you that you will get better hotel if you don’t feel Happy home has given you good room. I trusted him and said ok to check hotel by visiting there.

If there is a problem at the hotel, we will switch hotels right away. I explained how you can verify that, so why can’t you offer a better hotel right away? He advised you to record my voice and I can assure you that if you don’t think Happy Home has provided you with a good room, you will find a better hotel. I gave him my trust and gave the go-ahead to check out the hotel.

When I got to the hotel on 19th, there was another fraud. The availability of a room with a lake view, a high standard room, and breakfast has been confirmed. As I spoke with the hotel manager, I discovered that although they had made the reservation on May 5th, no advance payment had been made, and they had not informed me that Happy Homes had been substituted for Lakeside Inn. They also informed me of this on May 18, which was the day before my trip, making it impossible for me to change my plans. I also had to pay for that when I arrived. If the hotel had been completely booked, I might have had to go through the traumatic experience of looking for another hotel. The hotel manager also claimed that Pluto Tours was a fraudulent business (I have video evidence of this) and had failed to pay the hotel in advance.

The license of such a fraudulent travel agency should be immediately revoked, and it should not be given another chance to dupe people.

When I called them to discuss things like not giving me a lakeside view room, not including breakfast, not being a 3 or 4 star hotel, and even having torn bedsheets, cockroaches in the room, and having a smelly room, no one answered the phone or responded to my whatsapp messages. Even I sent an email about it, but I received no response.

Because my entire trip was ruined, I lost my one day’s pay (leave wasted), paid for breakfast when it was offered to be included in the package, lost three nights at two-star hotels, suffered mental harrassment, and had three days wasted. All of these losses should be made up with a fine of Rs. 1 lakh.


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