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I’ve reserved a honeymoon trip from Chandigarh to Chandigarh for the period of May 25, 2022, to June 2, 2022. Mr. Shubham, the booking agent, advised me to split the payment into three parts.

1. (Booking time) 5000 + 250 GST

2. 23250 (5 days following the first installment)

3. 28250 (in an office in Shimla)

with hotel gift cards. Initial two payments were made online. He also mentioned that your hotel in Manali had been changed after the final payment. and informed me that an additional 5000–6000 would be required if I wanted to book a hotel.

I therefore called the managing director, Mr. Pankaj Samyal, as well as Mr. Shubham, Mr. Dinesh, and Ishani Retola. But no one gives me a proper response. Mr. Pankaj advises me to spend one night in that hotel and the remaining two days will be spent at a different hotel.

However, he told me the next day that you must only stay in that hotel. After too many arguments, I conceded that the hotel was not providing proper service. The entire team ruined my honeymoon night, so when I made my reservation, I asked Mr. Shubham to arrange for a romantic getaway to Manali.

However, I ask Mr. Pankaj to accommodate my honeymoon night in Dalhousie due to a hotel issue. At that point, he also agreed. But the following evening, hotel staff in Manali decorated my mediocre room.

My request for a Dalhousie honeymoon night was denied when I called the following day because your honeymoon night had already occurred in Manali. I called Mr. Rahil after finding his number online and informing him of the scam.

Then Mr. Rahil and Ishani Retola start fighting angrily in front of us. At the time of booking, the honeymoon is included as follows.

1. Once, have a candle-lit dinner with fruit.
2. Flowers as decorations
Three. Honey Moon Cake
Fruits Basket, number four.
Saffron and Badam Milk, number five.
Only one of them was poorly decorated by hotel staff. Which was by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. I feel terrible for using Pluto Tours to make my reservation. They ruin my memorable movement and honeymoon trip.

I have all call recordings, emails, hotel receipts, WhatsApp chats, packages, and pictures of the room’s decor. I file a formal police complaint against the entire team with their assistance. I need my money back right now.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Pluto Tours.

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