Pluto Tours – very bad experience, changed booking without informing

Reported By: SanjayTalwar21

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Pluto Tours

Even though Pluto Travels provided me with such appalling service and completely ruined my trip, I didn’t want to give them a single star. When I made my reservation, they sent me a package that included my stay in a resort with lovely and roomy accommodations. When I arrived in Manali and started looking for the hotel that had been reserved for me, a representative from Pluto Travels sent me the phone number of the property’s owner so I could verify the address they had given me in my package.

After spending 1.5 hours looking, I discovered that without even informing me, they had switched the location of my stay to a cheap lavyansh cottage with subpar, small rooms. There, the food was also subpar. A tap was broken. The staff lacked all professionalism. I now regret selecting Pluto Travels to handle my travel arrangements. I even have pictures of the room they sent me when I made the reservation as well as the one they actually got for me. To solve my problem, I called Pluto Travels’ staff, but they started ignoring me.

Pluto Travels employees are completely incompetent and defenseless. The worst experience of my life was purely due to this company. Never make a reservation with this company if you want to take pleasure in your trip.


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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Pluto Tours.

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