Progress HR Solutions – Progress HR Solutions – The Cheaters

I am D***** . I also Suffered by the company.
Its prop is Sathish. 9789974960 is his number.
I was also commited to Shanthi Gears, Coimbatore. They make register by giving Rs.2000. Their commitment is 75000(60000+15000). 15000 is for them, but they wont respond. I feel a lot. As per Bharathi rAja ammu (registering the comment before) i dont know about scolding in bad words. but they wont get u job. they wont respond. Dont waste ur money dear friends.
அவன் கிட்ட பணம் கட்டி வருத்த படுறதுக்கு பணத்த பேங்க்ல டெபொசிட் பண்ணிட்டு நிம்மதியா இருக்கலாம்.
Thank u Friends

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  1. Are that Progress HR Solution had doing business in another name?? Please inform!! They spoiled many of them life and they had many contacts with other HR and doing their business smartly, and they working for money.. dey were Fake and Fraud!!