QNET – Refund Request For IN320119- Upline Misguided Me And Made To Join Business


Contact information:

Hi Sir/Maam,
I have started the business with the referral of JINADHATTAN DHARANENDARAN–IN586045.

While the referrer didn’t explain me fully about the business and just couple of months ago I came to know the real business model. I am not interested in this kind of business. I have already emailed to QNET customer care, its been almost 2 months and yet to get a response from them.

So i request you to consider this mail as a refund and help me get my refund as soon as possible.

My product details are mentioned below –

Order Number1 ,Amount: 385415.27
Order Number2 ,Amount: 13970

My Upline`s Upline is Sathish Samuel and his upline is Antony Jefrey (the latter took me the welcome session and haven’t shared the below details).

if you want to earn money from the business, you have to add more people under you as your down lines.
Need to have at least 500 contacts.
Works as distribution model, but they wont explain how that model works?
On top of all those they wont even say the company name (in case if victim acts they will convey as O INFINITY not as QNET).
In addition they wont explain what is hot zone and tracking centers.
Till date they haven`t conveyed me that refund is available if you quit the business within a month of joining.

Looking forward to hear a response from your side.

Thanks and Regards,
Ramesh Kumar Venkataraman
IR ID- IN320119


How to file a complaint against QNET?

* Go to page
* Write QNET in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from QNET.

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