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Reported By: Vamsi

Contact information:
qqbt.org Hyderabad

On the pretext of additional income, they have resorted to fraudulent activity, fake online shopping, for which I had to find my wallet with money. After purchasing the fake products, as mentioned , inwas not allowed to draw down my fund from my wallet.

1. 27.06.2022: Got a message about a part – time home based job. Then when I contacted them through WhatsApp, (+91 85810 40468), I was told about an offer about online shopping platforms. As explained to me: there are various online shopping malls (platforms: they use the word online mall) like Flipkart, Google Shopping, Amazon, S Shoppe, Uber eats, Zomato, eBay, Paytm mall etc. with which they have tied up. They would recruit people from across India and create IDs on their behalf. Then they would randomly assign orders for purchase on various platforms. Once order purchase is completed, the item will bot be delivered to us, but instead, commission is paid. (the commission ranges from 15-50% of purchase value based on item). I got tempted as it takes 30 mins in a day and when did, I got around 2000-3000 INR as profit in the first day. I thought of it like a small time income which will be an add – on for my increasing expenses. My account was opened on this day. I was told that, website training, sales and redemption of amount will be explained to me in detail. And it was well explained to me by a tutor who was assigned to me. The main agenda was to falsely increase sales numbers of the companies. It was by a motive to falsely increase sales. (I have all proofs of conversation)
2. 28.06.2022: Contacted my mentor (Telegram channel: @Gayatri568 bearing display name: Tutor Gayatri). I was given tasks. I was not told about the nature of work, amount needed for doing the tasks etc. the tasks were as follows: it was a 6 task set, which I had to complete before withdrawal of money. Each task had a subset of 2 – 3 tasks. So, total of 9 – 12 tasks were to be completed which were grouped as 6 tasks for redeeming the amount.
From then on, I went about completing the tasks. Initially, it was 2000 INR, next task was 5000, next was 16000, next was 27,000, next was 87,000 (numbers are just rough estimate and not actuals). The tasks were progressively increasing. By then I had 1.9 lakh feezed in the account which I cannot redeem as there were still some tasks to be completed. The last set of tasks were 2 in number which were 4 lakhs approx. each. The problem here is that the amount and nature of task will not be shown with prior notice. Once task is shown, it was 4 lakh + with a commission of 1.0 lakh, I was tempted to complete them and so I did. Later once the 2 tasks are done, then to my shocking surprise, another task for 3 lakh was shown. Then I had realised (but was very late) that this was a method of cheating. From then, I began to pursue them to return my amount without which I could not complete my task. Since then they were giving all sorts of excuses and not returning my money which was frozen in the account after completing then said tasks.

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