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Reported By: Tech Swaroop

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Hi Team,

This is in regards to inform every one and complain about an organisation name “QuantM Ltd.” . They are not giving incentives to there employees from a month of June.
Incentives are declared because its hard earned money of employess for which they are working in the night shifts.
Its nothing like the company is not making any profit, on an average they are earning somewhere around $15000 which is somewhere around ₹900000 every single day.
But they are not giving incentive to any of employees.. and now that crossed somewhere around 200000 each since June,17-Sept,17.
So at this crucial moment when every one is expecting bonus from there Organisation, we are not even getting the money for the days and nights that we invested in the organisation.
If you try to walk upto VP (Kartikaye) / AVP (Bachittar) / MD (Pawan) / Fouder (Sanjay), they were threatening by kicking out of the job. How anyone can approch them for money then.. Pls take a step against them and help us to get our money. Pls we really blessed you once will get our money. Pls

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