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Quiscon Biotech

Asked for money for the crash course and claimed that it would be covered by my job, but all I’m getting is fake emails and no calls. They simply adopt business names like Accenture and Navitas, but after receiving payment from those companies, they stop returning calls and only make money-related calls. Quiscon Biotech, also known as Omasy Research, is run by three people, one of whom is varsha.
She is the one who manipulates; upon seeing your resume, she replies to job openings matching your resume.
Don’t waste your money on these types of fake institutes because they didn’t even provide certificates, so please heed this request and assist me in getting my money back.


How to file a complaint against Quiscon Biotech?

* Go to page
* Write Quiscon Biotech in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Quiscon Biotech.

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  1. Quiscon Biotech Legal Team

    Its completely a false complaint, We have scheduled many interviews with Top MNC he is hiding all that and he is not even attending any Interviews and simply blamming the institute, We already Done with his service. He taken all the classes and Interview support from the institute due to his poor communication and Technically not sounded in subject he is not getting placement with top MNC. We informed him to take clases also but he is cheating his family. Stop manipulating the words we have all the call records and the history of the mails that we sent to him. First understand the value of the course you have taken and study properly you will be getting easily the offer in hand. The institute can teach you and guide you with Interview guidance and Interview preparation sessions in classes but we can’t perform for you in the MNCs. You are posting in social media’s which is against our legal service agreement, We are warning again you for the issue you are creating. Your issue got resolved already. Stop creating negative image about our institute.

  2. Quiscon Biotech Legal Team

    We have terminated your profile you are noway connected with Quiscon Biotech. Stop Creating fake complaints.

  3. Quiscon Biotech Legal team

    Request you to please share your Name, Contact number, Email id and the course enrolled at our Institute to check and resolve your grievance. Also confirm me if you have ever escalated your grievance to the management, without raising the complaint internally, you can’t directly blame negative reviews about our organization.

    If you really would like to complaint about your grievance, you could have escalated the issue to our management at [email protected]. We are showing interest on Quality Training & Placements for our Students from the course enrolment till last day of training.

    You are neither a student or even not at all visited our institute for reviewing here. How could you do this cheap work of defame others without any evidence? We requested the legal body to identify the ipaddress and track you to law. May take some time but no worry you surely will face the consequence of this fake reviews.