Rachika trading limited company – Got cheated 1,50,000₹ at cyber crime cheaters by telling work from home jobs through whatsapp

Reported By: Varakavi padmavathi

Contact information:
Rachika trading limited company Bangalore
http:// www.brkks.in/public /reg/yqm/720665

I got a message for part time job in WhatsApp.I am in need of job so I got in touch with that person with contacts 7970869218 and 9932677850.
They sent me the message about job details as it is an inside sales task and is to grab orders on the online shopping platform then we will refund your amount with commission.Then i paid 500 as they told u get 450 ₹ as commission. They gave one telegram persons link https://t.me/Tina58678 as tutor they will guide you all After this i paid 1330,3869,5084,49319,45374. At this payment I told i don’t have any money to pay I wants to withdraw but she told without completing task u can’t get any amount.How much i requested they didn’t convinced again i borrowed and started payments 165761 after dis first they told you can withdraw after dis but after completing i did withdraw it showed in dat as withdraw all amount disappeared as withdrawn but after 2 hrs it again came back to that fraud link account .First they said wait you will get but later they told your amount is in freeze it’s in risk system now you had to complete the next task then only I can get those amount it’s in mall account if you don’t do it it the mall will freeze and send it to National Children’s fund as Charity within 1-7 working days .Then I kept those 224117 ₹ again but they kept it in freeze and again asking to complete the next orders by making another 1lakh .Then I asked what is dis you are telling always the same and blocked me already i requested many times that I don’t have any money i had to repay the amount .Even I requested them to pay only the amount what i had invested but they are telling to complete the task and withdraw your amount and kept my amount in freeze .what to do now am became helpless all my money which i had kept for my son’s education got stucked in this. Plz help me we can’t survive without that money am unemployed my son’s education will be in trouble now without that .plz anyone help me i don’t want any profits i want only the amount which i invested. Plz help us

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