Rachika Trading limited – Fraud on the name jobs

Reported By: RAJNI RANI

Contact information:
Rachika Trading limited Mumbai
Http:// www.brkks.in/public/reg/yqm/806173

I got a msg for part time job. I was in need of job so i got in touch with that person. She told her name anna and contact no is 9623155804
Then she brief the job’s profile as it is a inside sale job n you have to purchase the product online then we will refund your amount with commission. Then i started with a small amount of 100 rupees. She said u will get 50,100 rupees commission with every task u perform. Then i started to earn a bit. She texted me if u don’t want to perform then i will give your position to someone else then i said yes and she gave me a task in which 6 items were included which i had to buy. I purchased 4 items suddenly the 5th items amount goes to 23924 rupees then i said i don’t have money to buy this if i had then why would i have applied for a job .she said u hav to perform this anyhow otherwise your all amount would be freeze then i borrowed money from my frnd n i said in 6th task i won’t be able to recharge more she said no it wont be a high amount product n then the 6th task was about of 75000 rupees. I said what is this nonsense i want to quit n want to withdraw my princple money she said no u can’t u have to do this anyhow. What to do ?I am not able to pay them n my all money got stucked plz help me.

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