Reported By: Nitesh.

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First i paid Rs.100 for the task. After that they increase the task amount to Rs.500 to complete the task. Later that they again increased the task amount. So i asked the tutor given by them tutor name Abner(senoir tutor) he told me that u should complete the task to withdraw your money. So i continued and by completing the task. They keep increasing the task amount and the amount was Rs.37000. Then i again asked the tutor and he said this is your last order of task so complete it and withdraw your amount. Then i paid Rs.37000 for the last order as said by tutor and completed the order. Suddenly they given me one more order to complete before the withdrawal and frozen my funds. Now the i don’t have such amount spend for further tasks so i begged the tutor to refund it. Meanwhile i asked tutor about this and he said that borrow from your friend to complete the task and return it later. Now i’m very depressed and facing a big trouble due to this. So i request to help me to get my money back.

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  1. I am also have same problem…
    I am rajaguru from puducherry..
    Rachika trading limited cheat me about Rs.33895, at first they send msg from the respective number
    +254 735218611
    Then say about it is online matching platform and recharge amt of 140 rupees at first they send, 2nd time they give task but it have more amount nearly i paid 23000 rupees. But task take more amount i did not do. I ask them to refund money but they are abusing me. Don’t send my amount and say u go to police station we have no problem, if i pay extra 50,000, they give my amount.
    But they leads me already debt
    Now i m zero.
    Please help me, Government of india..
    Otherwise u lost many citizens..

    Their website: yools.in
    They gave two address for me..
    1. Snap deal private limited, new delhi
    2. 6th Floor, Avashya House, Cst Road, Kalina, Santacruz (east), Mumbai Mh 400098

    Telegram channel person who spoke to me
    1. Diana
    2. Sana
    3. Brahman..
    They named HINDU name and HINDU GODS dp in telegram and cheat the HINDU people who are religious…

    Please help us.