RachikaTrading limited Mumbai http://ppur8.com – Regarding the freezing of amount inspite of any reason

Reported By: Ishtiaq Ahmed

Contact information:
RachikaTrading limited Mumbai http://ppur8.com JAMMU
http:// ppur8.com

I received a message for work from home/part time job from @Tina518918 and her contact number is 919394236873. She told me login to https//ppur8.com. and i have registered then she reffer to install teligram and click on link and one person help u.
Then a person by name Ramesh I’d goodlucks518
Give me one task for product marchant etc. I have done . Now he assigned me huge amount task . I have paid 97000 and he freeze my amount.Now demanding recharge again 90000 k amount anyone help me pls.

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* Get refund / replacement / damages from RachikaTrading limited Mumbai http://ppur8.com.

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