Rafichowdhury.com – Rafi Chowdhury SCAM

Rafichowdhury.com TOTAL SCAM! THEY WILL JUST TAKE YOUR Services! YOU WILL GET NOTHING IN RETURN! Because After doing the on page optimisations they will claim the refund in PayPal
We are well-known online marketing specialist from the Noida India. This TOTAL SCAM company Rafichowdhury SCAM, promised me SEO work. They promised me to provide us good amount of work if we show some of our SEO skills. Our workers has done a lot of work but after 15 days when we have done maximum on page optimisations and you know off page work start from day first. So we do all and they ask for refund. They have assigned 3 sites in a time and in return they are expecting us ranking in 15 days time does it make sense? Outsourcing companies be aware for these guys they just Big SCAM in USA. Once Rafichowdhury SCAM sign any deal with any clients they are asking for 4 months time as we have seen in their website and from outsourcing companies they are expecting the results in 15 days time. I am not sure how they are doing business in USA. They just cheat clients and have no skills how to talk and how to deal. Anyways I am requesting to all outsourcing companies and all Rafichowdhury SCAM clients aware from this guy they are totally SCAM and Skills less even they don’t know that no one control the Google



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