Ramprastha city – Delay of flats position

I am Omprakash Majoka, I booked a flat in Ramprastha city Edge tower L – 1003 in march 2010 which was about 48,31,125/- ,I have paid Rs. 41,56,938 till November 2012 as per agreement position of flats due in October 2012 with 6 month of grace period (it should be in the month of March 2013) , now its August , 2015 still we haven’t got the position , when we visited site , we seen nothing happening at site the position of building remain same as we seen in Nov. 2012
As per agreement Ramprastha should pay Rs. 5 /sq. feet. for any delay , this payment is also not received .
When I booked house I was leaving in Nasik Maharashtra, but in 2012 I shifted to Gurgaon in hope of getting my flat on time.
Unfortunately Ramprastha not gave the position of the flat till today and they are giving false commitment every time and I have to live in rental house, where I am paying rent Rs. 18000.00 / PM
Presently I am paying rent 18000.00 PM + EMI to bank Rs. 21000.00 PM Total 39000.00 PM for accommodation.
I am disperses due to this and UN able to pay this much of amount every month. I request you to help me for getting compensation from Rampraastha builders.
Omprakash Majoka
+ 91 9860027626.
E Mail [email protected]

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  1. Dear buyers I am also victim to this developer . Please ask them escrow account- they will not provide. Also ask for a copy of occupation certificate- again they will not provide. Actually they have been making fool of buyers . PC they have not applied ! Please ask for these and see their reaction

    1. Dear Ramprastha Edge flat owners;

      After four years of delay and still no sign of delivery of our property which has resulted in huge losses to us, it is time for us to act. And I mean act in numbers. We know that individually we dont stand a chance against these mighty builders; but together we can.

      I suggest investors who are really serious about getting possession of their flats; concerned of tax demand in the name of EDC/IDC/VAT; compensation and other issues; and last but not the last; ignorant and arrogant attitude of the builder’s representatives; should start putting pressure on builder, rather than just crying and wailing on public forums.

      I have joined a group which is doing some serious work and devoting their time and effort in support of our common cause.

      I am sharing the link if you are interested to join our group. I request you to please fill the form at the link given below:


      Once verified by our Yahoo group administrator, we will give you access to that group and also make you a member of our Yahoo group.

      It is a better medium of communication; sharing updates and inputs; and ensuring active participation.

      Please feel free to contact me for any clarification in this regard.- Vishal Jain. Mobile:9891450955