Rational Business Corporation – Travel Expenses and Salary not paid

I started working with this company on 10th June’ 2013. At the time of joining I was not made to sign any company’s policy. I have left this company on 27th Aug’ 2013 because they were not paying my salary on time. They paid July’s salary on 26th of Aug and June’s salary on 16th July. Considering the reputation and the system not having in place I decided to leave this company. As there was no agreement between me and the company I was not bound to serve any notice period. When I resigned they accepted my resignation and the HR promised that the full and final practice would be done by 15th of sept. Later when I didnt receive anything from this company I called up the Managing Director (Mr.Ashish Gupta) with the complaint of not being paid my expenses that were incurred in the month of July along with August’s salary. He responded that he has incurred a lot more losses than he has to pay me because of I leaving the company and he cannot pay me for my expenses/salary. I am left frustrated with no option whatsoever. Please help me out to get my money back. I assure 30% of what I get to you guys.

Rohit Singh

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