I booked a ticked from Perungulathur(Chennai) to Madurai on 31st October 2012. The reporting time was 11:44PM and the departure time was 11:59. I reached there by 11:30 itself. The drivers no.s sent by Redbus didn’t work. I was made to wait there till 3:00 AM. When I called the Shama Sardar office they told my seat no. RU5 was occupied by someone else and has left from Koyambedu. I stopped all the buses from Koyambedu towards Perungulatur and none responded properly. After a certain time even the Shama Sardar office people stopped responding. To Redbus the line never got connected after 3AM till 11 in the morning. How can my seat be filled by someone else without an identity before my stop?? and when I called the bus operator told me to get into some shama sardar bus and told to ask the conductor for a seat. IS THIS WHY I BOOKED A TICKET THROUGH REDBUS?? for god’s sake i tried that too because it was emergency for me to reach madurai and even then people didn’t take me inside the bus. I was made to wait till 3PM telling the bus would arrive and then they told the bus was occupied by someone else and it left!!I had no modes of transport back to my home that i walked half way in the middle of the night and was helped by some stranger in his car or else i hav no idea how i would reached home at all. I need to reach madurai and it’s an emergency. I know your companies got policies that if Redbus ticket is not accepted anywhere then the next immediate mode of transport will be arranged for free. I need an Air-Ticket now to Madurai immediately!! or I’m not leaving this issue just like that. I’m going to take this very seriously. I’ve spoken to my lawyer, and we’re going to take this to the Consumer court!! and the worst part is my first ticket which i booked in Redbus was not done successfully because of some problem in the bus operator server and the first ticket was cancelled and refund has not been still done. The Second ticket I didn’t get the seat i wanted and the tariffs increased to Rs.1199 and i was made to pay the extra amount even though i booked in advance!! I’m never going to use REDBUS again and going to ask all of my family and friends to stop using it. I need an air ticket to madurai immediately or I’m going to take very serious actions. I’ve attached the ticket to this post.

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