Rediff online shopping/ Hamza Powerful body massager – damaged and useless product

I have bought a product (Hamza Powerful Body Massager) from Rediff online shopping, through online.
they have delivered the product as on 7th March 2015. but when I had opened the package I found not working and damaged product inside.
I have paid Rs.1377 cash on delivery.
I have Email them 4 times and called them 4 times, but all the time they give me misstatement that they are going to resolve the same but its not done yet.

Due to this, I have suffered both mental and economic losses,
I have bought this product for medicine purpose for my father, as its not working then I have to pay the fees to massage center for massage.
Also I am feeling cheated by them and its really harass me.

Relief I want:-

1. I want replacement of the product by the new one.
2. As due to this I had to pay extra fees for medication at massage center Rs. 18500. So I want this amount too from them as a my economic loss.

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  1. Rediff Shopping

    Dear Amit,

    We are sorry for the experience you had. Please share your concern with your complaint number,order id and contact details at [email protected] to help you.

    Rediff Shopping
    Online Customer Service Team
    09223 020 000