Rekhas House Of Cotton – Raghav Gupta Scammer

Reported By: Ben2008

Contact information:
Rekhas House Of Cotton Margao, Goa

**These people are just changing different names and different company name so investigate first or puzzle things before you get into the situation. Don’t be fooled by the GOOD REVIEWS, they know each other that’s why. And if you will put BAD REVIEW in their site, they will just erased it.

So what you can do is just blog over and over again to make it on top for other people to see and for potential victims. I’m not other company’s propaganda or his old staff (coz this is the usual explanation they are saying).

I’m one of their victims that’s why. Try to search complaints about them and see it for yourself. They will advertise cheapest price for their product to catch people’s attention. If the transaction is kinda big, they will let you give sample like for $350 plus courier charge.

Sometimes they let you believe that they are legit because they sent sample. BUT once you make a downpayment for the production that would be their best game and time in which they will not deliver your item. And SOMETIMES, if you already make a downpayment they would say that the agreed price has changed. OR WORSE, they will not entertain you anymore.

They seems legit because they have lots of GROUP OF COMPANIES, but that’s only their front and only in the WEB but not so real and big. Once you visited their place, it is just a small office. They are not manufacturer, they are just stockist of SAMPLES but not for selling. Please don’t trust them, and if you are one of their victims bare with us you could message me @[protected] for us to stop this SCAMMER because we have an on going case filed.

FRAUD COMPANIES AND PERSONS FROM INDIA: **These people are just changing different names and different company name so investigate first or puzzle things before you get into the situation

Rekhas House of Cotton

House of Rekha Multicolour Cotton




Kishore Export International

Kukki Leather

Burgeon World Wide

House of Rekha Multicolour Cotton


Raghav Gupta

Maghav Gupta

Gaurav Gupta

Shweta Chari

Naval Kishore Aggarwal


Sumit Aneja

Rekha Gupta

**These companies above are run by the family of Gupta and its target market are everyone in the world, and if you checked the legitimacy or if they are registered yes they are registered. However, once they get a chance to transact with you that would be the start of SCAM GAME of these people. I don’t know why they have the stomach to scam people and they really don’t know where those businessmen get the money just to pay them. We are from Philippines by the way. And if you would search the complaints, you would see they scammed mostly EUROPEANS, THAIS, and their own race INDIANS. They are no considerations when it comes to getting money from other people’s pocket.

We have already reported him and his family to EMBASSY, ALIBABA (where they have lots of advertisement), TAXATION GOVERNMENT, and Connections from India etc. We are not gonna stop.

Alibaba already emailed us that they have already shut down the ads of REKHAS HOUSE OF COTTON due to lots of complaints. FYI: You would see lots of advertisements made by them. Think twice not all GOLD SUPPLIER from ALIBABA is LEGIT, you might be encountering or talking to a SCAMMER with nice mouth but with BAD INTENTION. So please my fellow businessmen be careful.


How to file a complaint against Rekhas House Of Cotton?

* Go to page
* Write Rekhas House Of Cotton in company name section and write your complaint in detail
* Enter your personal information (email will not be published)
* Get refund / replacement / damages from Rekhas House Of Cotton.

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  1. I want to know more, I have been talking to the company, my e m a il is mario dot rodriguezara at mail from google

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