Reliobrix Consulting Pvt Ltd – biggest cheaters in market

Reported By: praveen lal

Contact information:
Reliobrix Consulting Pvt Ltd Raj Nagar
Uttar Pradesh

Friends, Beware of Reliobrix Consulting Pvt Ltd. They are biggest cheaters in the market. for more information kindly contact at 9650806880

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  1. Biggest fraud in property sector. They’ll offer you 5 – 7% commission on loan amount but never pay single penny nor they pay any EMI. Once your loan is disbursed they’ll stop receiving your calls and never reply. For more info on their fraud, call me on 9650806880 / 7982533133, I can show all proofs of their fraud. Beware of these people, stay safe and live peacefully, stay away specially from Kapil Nepalia and Ashish Rai

  2. I agree to this. They look for salaried people and then apply for home loans quoting they will give 5% of the total sanction amount and later the builder defaults.