Research bhaskar – cheater company, please dont believe

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Reported By: suresh chand

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Research bhaskar

Researchbhaskar ek Fraud and cheating company hai. mujhe inhone dhokhe se trading k liye 5000 rupees upne account mai transfer karaye fir bola k 20000 rupye or transfer karo tab trading kar sakte hai. please dont believe on fraud and cheater company Researchbhaskar.

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  1. Yes they are cheater, They took 85K for equity premium. In a week they make a lose of 40k in trading. They are useless. There analyst don’t know anything about trading. They tricked me, initially they told i can pay in installment. After paying 50% they said , only after paying full amount I can do trading. They all cheaters

  2. Samadhan Shinde

    ते काॅल्स टीप पाठवितात .स्टाॅपलाॅस टारगेट लावावी लागते .जशी सेवा घेतली तसे ते काॅल टीप देतात sms वर.प्रथम सेवा घेणार्यांनी ईक्वीटीच सेवा घ्यावी