Revolution Infowiz Pvt. Ltd., Pune – Total fraud Company

Revolution Infowiz Company Pvt.Ltd., 518 Sterling Centre, Pune Camp. Head – Natasha Bhosale. The woman is a total fraud with a sweet tongue. On March 14, 2014 I had signed an agreement with this company for Online copypaste work. Within 2 months i completed my job and submitted for evaluation. Natasha Bhosale first said that the work done by me was not upto the mark. When confronted with proof of proper work she started making excuses. Now the office is closed and Natashas cell is switched off. I request all those similarly cheated to come together and teach this notorious woman a lesson and lodge a police complaint.

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  1. I m Disagree on This Comment Because I M Already Worked With This Company Right now i m Worked for Offline and i got salary from this company 16000 thousand
    and now i m geting six month contract also from them
    and revolutions staff also good for Communication