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Reported By: Abishek R

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Rexon enterprise Gujarat

Hi I’m Abishek. Few days back I received a person called me and told me about an online form filling job. He said I have to complete 700forms in 7 days. If I fail I have to pay 4700rs. I was interested and accepted the job.
I completed the work in 2 days after confirming that there is no more mistakes. But my qc report showed that I failed.
Yesterday a lady named MEERA JAIN called me and said that I have to pay 4700rs to clear the agreement. So I paid the money and sent the proof to her.
Today another lady called me regarding NOC verification and said that the agreement is for 11months and I just cleared 1 month agreement. And in order to clear that I have to pay 18000rs or she said she will open a case on me.
I didnot pay the money. I thought it was a fraud. I rejected the call. No she’s telling me that in 2 days police will come for verification and I have to come to gujarat court.
I’m a college student. I did this to help my parents. Now I don’t know what to do. Please, can anyone help me as fast as you can

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* Get refund / replacement / damages from Rexon enterprise.

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