Rey Technology Gujarat – mental harasshment

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Rey Technology Gujarat

On 11 feb 1 registered a complaint against the company for fraud and fake. And was worried about that they will harash me for the money. And today they cll me telling that ur work is 88% accurate only. They are asking for correction in 5900Rs otherwise they i have to pay panelty of 6700. If will not pay them 6700 they will proceed leagally for the same.
When i was accepting their offer a lady said that u don’t have to pay any money from your side to the company.
I asked her 3 times regarding that she said that i work is not with 90% accuracy u will not get your salary and the amount of 6700 will be deduct from your corrected forms. So it means i don’t have to pay any kind of money to the company.

Plzzz help me…

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